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We Buy Houses Puget Sound serves our clients through high-value offers on unwanted real estate by building relationships. We believe this better supports communities in our local areas. While we are a new business in a highly competitive market, we have the local talent and resources to support a community-based reciprocity cycle.

We Buy Houses Puget Sound is able to focus on our local Washington state market conditions and adjust to changes more quickly.

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A Word from Babette: Situations where a cash home-buyer could have or did help buy the house for cash:

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Unexpected financial needs come up. When that happens, our homes become burdens due to lack of financial flexibility.

On my first home, the realtor helped negotiate a repair for the bathroom to be done due to the soft flooring around the toilet. The repair wasn't done correctly and had to be redone. 

There was no final walk-through prior to closing. As this was a first investment, we didn’t know that was needed. Imagine the suprise when the soft yellow kitchen I liked was now sherbert orange, and where did that tree in the front yard come from?!

My ex-husband and I amicably divorced a couple of years later. Our realtor said all I needed to do was to sign the Quit Claim. Don’t do this! This does not release you from the mortgage. While just one payment was late, learning about it happened in an unpleasant way, and there is no good time to learn about negative impacts to one's credit. 

Other Real Estate Hurdles & Horror Stories:

A well-known and respected title company didn’t fulfill clearing a title; the title insurance covered the cost. The title company would go down in flames shortly afterwards, because the owners depleted the escrow accounts and bailed; they were on the run for some time. No kidding!

You can read about it in the Palm Beach Post, “Owners of Flagler Title indicted on fraud charges; Royal Palm Beach couple skipped town” (Ostrowski, 2009).

In addition to the title issue, the licensed professional mortgage broker did not fulfill their agreement to provide a rehab loan on the property.

On a different home, the value dropped 2/3rds during the mortgage crisis. (When an economist you respect advises against a purchase, ignore your inner validations methods and listen to the economist.)
A short-sale was achieved through great efforts from an investor-realtor contact.

Start to finish, the short-sale took approximately a year. A class-action lawsuit on the loan took another year.

Please note: short-selling may negatively impact you at tax time. Consult a tax professional before making this decision.

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