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We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs & no cleaning necessary.
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Step One

Get in touch with Babette at We Buy Houses Puget Sound through a call or through the contact form below for a discovery consultation.

If your situation qualifies, we will schedule a way to visually inspect the home. While we buy homes as-is, we look at as much information as we can to deliver the highest-value offer to you.

Step Two

If the home qualifies, we will prepare a high-value, no-obligation cash offer for you to review. We are not interested in low-balling people out of their hard-earned equity in their homes.

We understand you will want as much as you can get for your home.

Step Three

Accept the offer, and we will move to close quickly, which could be as soon as 7 days. 

Our offers are based upon our initial cost estimations. We may want to do walk-through inspections of the home with our contractors. Having our contractors inspect the home with us allows us to continue to present the best offers to home sellers like you.

Get Your No-Obligation Cash Offer Started Below

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The Seller's Journey: Cash House-Buyers Wanted

You're looking to sell your house, and we buy houses for cash. Simple, right? Not so much. You have plenty of choices with cash buyers for your home. There are even other compassionate, caring house buyers to choose from when people are looking for fast cash and to close quickly. We Buy Houses Puget Sound want to protect our investment, and so are the sellers that come to us looking for a cash house-buyer. Our goal is a high-value offer for homes that simplifies the life of those who choose to do business with us.

The home seller's journey looks like you, a seller of your property, your real estate investment that may be a home, an estate that you received from a loved one, a business location that you may need to offload for financial reasons, or perhaps you find yourself in any number of other circumstances that need you to free up financial resources. We get it and have been there, too!

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Customized Selling Experiences

We Buy Houses Puget Sound will review your situation with you and find out about your timing requirements. While we endeavor for a speedy closing time frame, other factors may impact that timing. You let us know when you would like to close, and we will plan to close on your requested date. 

For example, we have had a homeowner selling a tear-down mobile home on land that did not have a clear title to the land.

Separately, the mobile home is not part of the land and has a different type of title. The seller did not have a title-in-hand for the mobile home. These are things that may take more time to clear up, depending on the circumstances.

We do all the work for you to be able to close quickly. So your experience is simple and easy. 

Real Estate Sales Made Easy with a Cash Home Buyer

When you need to sell your home fast, having a local cash buyer will greatly simplify the process. Contact us today for a discovery call and let's get your cash offer started. You are under no obligation. We make the process smooth and easy, providing you with a quick resolution to your needs.

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